Apr 25, 2013

How To Make Kid Crown

kids have their on fantasy
i think they like playing pretend to be a princess
when i asked my little neighbor to be my model, they become busy playing with this crown hihihi
so i this your little princess will love to playing with this one. okay stop thinking
just making
it's very easy :)

things you need :
flannel ( i use laken , because its more thicker and sturdy)

i've made the pattern (on the picture bellow)
you can print on a4 paper size (but still Measure your child’s head, and add 1″)

fold the flannel, put the pattern above, and cut according to the pattern(cut for 2 layers)

for the ornament :
cut the flannel (different colors) to the shape you want
I made shape of leaves and flowers, with a rough cut at the edges

 stitch the ornaments

sew the velcro on each end of the crown pattern

 and last step : Sew all the way around the outside of your crown.

yeay your cutie ready for playing like a princess :)

thanks to the model : isti and balqis *mwahs :*


  1. Masya Allah bagus..
    kapan-kapan kucoba ya, kak..

  2. ia dicoba dong mbak aisyah ..gampang sekali ini :))


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