Jan 28, 2011

hi again :)



ohh long time i hadn't post anything :'(
sooo here are some mini pencil case
super easy to make,, hopefully i can post as a diy project :)))

bye all ~~~

Jan 18, 2011

time for GIVEAWAY !!!


say "HORAYYYYYYYYYYYY" for my very first time giveaway :DDD
sorry because this giveaway open for indonesian address only :(

ok i'll tell u about this giveaway pouch.. lets call them dad n mom pouch... haha weird i know :p , but who cares
the dad pouch is bigger, u can put your stationary there
and the mommy pouch is a bit small, but u still can store your key,usb fd,card, or 'recehan' :DDDDDDDDD

i'll draw 2 winners
the 1st winner win the daddy pouch , and 2nd winner will bring the mommy home
and if u don't have a blog.. just leave me your email
just follow this 3 simple ways

1. follow my blog :)) (google fc,yahoo fc,twitter/ open id)
2. comment in this post ,give me advice or criticism about my product 
3. *its optional btw, u will have double chance to win* post this giveaway on your twitter/blog with my link, or just put my button on your side bar (let me know if you do this step by leave your post link address on this comment)

sooo easy right???
close at feb 20th 2011
enjoy the giveaway :))
dad zoom
mom zoom

dad ins

mom ins

Jan 16, 2011

big pouch

like to drawing, but bad at painting
I was bought a set of acrylic and painted on canvas ...
it was difficult to use a brush :p
and i also use a T-shirt and my shoes for 'the media' ..
i like acrylic because they're washable.

and was i found a-new-washable-tools :DDDD
a fabric markers and fabric crayons
is easier because it doesn't have to use the brush: p

look on the left bar... u will see my pp
and i drew on the fabric.. intoooo...

back side (:DDDD use the toraja fabric :p)

its big enough btw... and i use those pouch to store my laptop equipment
lap pouch
inside the pouch

ps:finally i found my mmc :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
happy sunday~~


done with my final exam on this semester


Jan 4, 2011


yaa.... perkenalkan... blababag (singkatan dari blacu-batik-bag :DDDDD standar yah singkatannya :p)
yap,, blababag ini bisa jadi 3 tas yang berbeda jadi beli 1 dapet 3 :DDD

♥sisi pertama ada tas dari kain blacu yang digambar dengan fabric spidol, jadi gak akan luntur kalau dicuci

♥sisi kedua dari batik... "HIDUPP BATIK" :)

♥sisi ketiga dari katun motif