Dec 31, 2010

bye 2010

sekitar 4.5 jam lagi tahun 2011
yaaa...Welcome 2011
hayano Handmade's wishes for 2011
more commonly known,more success, creative, ordersssssssss and bazaarss (hahahaha :DDD), better quality pictures ( oh i can't mentioned 1 by 1)


Dec 25, 2010

DIY Flowery Necklace


ok this is my first tutorial post
I'll show how to make a cute flowery necklace
#1 make the flower
diy flower
#2 make the leaf
diy leaf
#3 arrange the pieces
glue the back of the flower and leaf by using a glue gun. and put on flannel

arrange the flowers and the leafs to be a beautiful composition

cut the flanel into the flowery necklace shape
#4 on the backside, tide the ribbon on flannel

cover the backside with the flannel

and the FLOWERY NECKLACE is ready :)))


happy holidays :)

Dec 24, 2010

toraja bags

say hi to me blog .... :))))

i've not posted anything about 2 weeks
sorry cause many task must be done in a whole 2 weeks before final exam on this semester *sighhh*

do you know ulos... its a traditional fabric from north sumatera/ toraja
well actually, i don't really sure the fabrics that i bought about 1 month ago is toraja motif
but i think its looks a like toraja motif... lol that at the first sight i thought it was dayak motif.. hehe

well... stop talking crap enno

i'll show my tote bags new arrivals
let's named it toraja bags
and please enjoy
my narcissist photo .. :DDDDDDDDDDDDD


and this bag is reversible
tas bolak balik

Dec 11, 2010

hii mushowl

hii blog....

a lil' owl and mushroom brooches
i made it for kiki andika :p


today is saturday
happy holidays
happy crafting

dadahhh ~~~~

Dec 1, 2010

Rainbow Pouch

(oh hi blog...)
it just a quick post as usual :P

introduce a RAINBOW pouch

ehhhhhhhhh ...
today I am off,,, is planning to make a few stuffs, and go watch a film: ))

bye ~~