Dec 31, 2010

bye 2010

sekitar 4.5 jam lagi tahun 2011
yaaa...Welcome 2011
hayano Handmade's wishes for 2011
more commonly known,more success, creative, ordersssssssss and bazaarss (hahahaha :DDD), better quality pictures ( oh i can't mentioned 1 by 1)


Dec 25, 2010

DIY Flowery Necklace


ok this is my first tutorial post
I'll show how to make a cute flowery necklace
#1 make the flower
diy flower
#2 make the leaf
diy leaf
#3 arrange the pieces
glue the back of the flower and leaf by using a glue gun. and put on flannel

arrange the flowers and the leafs to be a beautiful composition

cut the flanel into the flowery necklace shape
#4 on the backside, tide the ribbon on flannel

cover the backside with the flannel

and the FLOWERY NECKLACE is ready :)))


happy holidays :)

Dec 24, 2010

toraja bags

say hi to me blog .... :))))

i've not posted anything about 2 weeks
sorry cause many task must be done in a whole 2 weeks before final exam on this semester *sighhh*

do you know ulos... its a traditional fabric from north sumatera/ toraja
well actually, i don't really sure the fabrics that i bought about 1 month ago is toraja motif
but i think its looks a like toraja motif... lol that at the first sight i thought it was dayak motif.. hehe

well... stop talking crap enno

i'll show my tote bags new arrivals
let's named it toraja bags
and please enjoy
my narcissist photo .. :DDDDDDDDDDDDD


and this bag is reversible
tas bolak balik

Dec 11, 2010

hii mushowl

hii blog....

a lil' owl and mushroom brooches
i made it for kiki andika :p


today is saturday
happy holidays
happy crafting

dadahhh ~~~~

Dec 1, 2010

Rainbow Pouch

(oh hi blog...)
it just a quick post as usual :P

introduce a RAINBOW pouch

ehhhhhhhhh ...
today I am off,,, is planning to make a few stuffs, and go watch a film: ))

bye ~~

Nov 30, 2010


custom order from icha..
a strawberry cushion. it's big enough btw

sorry for the blurrrrrrrrrrrrr :p

Nov 29, 2010



This cute bunny should be in Destroy, and created something new.
idk why,, ask my dad :(

Iam indonesian

a sulawesi island...

my friend, erlin said that she want a cushion for her bf, she likes music and her bf likes travelling
thinking about what kind of cushion
and.. and...i decided to make a


Nov 26, 2010

its a friends plushie

its another personalized order from my besties, mew.
she said she want a  mushroom cushion with face-images as a decorative :)))
hope u like it mew :)
and and...some of our failed photos


Nov 25, 2010

yummy brooches

oh,, hii again :)

i'm just finished some pencil case, and idk why i really 2 not in the mood to study..
i just wanna sew.. sew.. and sew..
yummy plushy pin 1
yummy plushy pin 2

raccoony tote bag

you'll fall in love with this raccoony tote bag ...
racoon tote bag 1
racoon tote bag 1 - details
racoon tote bag 1 - inside

racoon tote bag 2

racoon tote bag 2 - details

racoon tote bag 2 - inside

Nov 23, 2010

robotic pompom p-case

051120102313051120102314 - Copy

nanny needed


I found the king and queen owlii being abandoned,,,

anyone wanted to adopt them?
they're soooooo cute

an embroidery blacu pencil case


bored with a very-usual pencil case????
yappp, you must see this one
embroidery pencil case..
You can add your name or whatever character you want ..

This pencil is not just with blacu, but can also with cotton / canvas ...

very exclusive right?
let's hurry for order


woot woot
hayano forest is being harvested, and this is the result

a healthy mushroom

and, a yumm yumm walnut


tote bag

aas custom order

a custom order from my friend,

u can ask me for everything custom stuff :)
just send me an email

waiting for your order dear :))

♥ raccoon

racoon plushy
raccoony plushie again :)
this raccony plushie is made from fabric which is also patterned raccoon

Nov 22, 2010


flowery pin..

flowery pin

it feels like i'm coughing all the day and feels sore throat...
argggghhh i hate that-fire-feeling-on-my-throat

i made many many flowery pin/brooch,
there a rose, aster, azalea and many more,

Nov 21, 2010

insomnia again

so hi everybody who still awake :))

tooth doll

well, exactly i really love to take a nap, but consequently I can not sleep at night ... Ohhhh I am disgusted at all,
and and, I am a little impatient to show the latest products from hayano handmade, namely tooth doll, hehe, he's funny right?

Nov 20, 2010

Raccoon dolls

my new raccoon baby

raccoon dolls 2
raccoon dolls 1

for order... send me a text :))

Nov 15, 2010


and now hayano handmade is OPEN.......
please leave me an email for questions, order, or anything :)))

Nov 7, 2010

Craft For Humanity

craft for humanity ini adalah copas dari design by vitarlenology 
yang mau ikutan??? silahkannn

What: Apa itu Craft for Humanity?
Ajakan kepada para crafter untuk membuat karya-karya sederhana yang bisa menghibur saudara-saudara kita yang terkena musibah/bencana. Karya ini bisa berupa apa saja, sesuai dengan minat dan spesialisasi masing-masing.

When: Kapan kegiatan ini akan berlangsung?
Craft for Humanity ini akan menjadi ajakan permanen yang berlangsung terus menerus. Mengingat kita tinggal di daerah yang sangat rawan bencana.

Who: Siapa yang menjadi sasaran Craft for Humanity ini?
Saat ini karena saudara-saudara kita di Mentawai dan Merapi sedang terkena musibah, maka ajakan ini akan di fokuskan untuk membantu saudara-saudara di Mentawai dan Merapi. Craft for Humanity ini, terutama untuk membantu para manula, perempuan dan anak anak karena dalam setiap bencana ketika harus tinggal di barak penampungan mereka akan sangat kesulitan.

Where: Kemanakah bantuan dari Craft for Humanity bisa di salurkan?
Untuk bantuan Mentawai dan Merapi, teman-teman bisa mengirimkannya ke:
Tobucil & Klabs Jl. Aceh 56 Bandung 40113 T/F 022 4261548
Karena kami membuka posko bantuan Mentawai dan Merapi. Untuk selanjutnya, teman-teman bisa mengorganisir kelompok masing-masing di setiap kota untuk memudahkan penyaluran bantuan atau melalui tobucil.

Why: Mengapa Craft for Humanity ini perlu dilakukan?
Saatnya menggunakan bakat dan kemampuan yang dimiliki untuk membantu sesama dan menyebarkan kebahagiaan pada saudara-saudara kita yang sedang tertimpa musibah. Tidak ada benda yang bermakna, selain benda yang buat dengan cinta dan kasih sayang pada sesama manusia.

How: Bagaimana terlibat dalam Craft for Humanity?

Teman-teman bisa membuat benda-benda apa saja seperti yang biasa teman-teman buat. Misalnya: aku senang membuat notebook maka akan bisa membuat buku gambar, atau jurnal.
Selain membuatkan sesuatu, jika memungkinkan kita juga bisa menghibur anak-anak dan perempuan di tempat penampungan dengan memberi workshop mengajarkan mereka membuat benda-benda yang bisa menghibur mereka.
Teman-teman juga bisa menuliskan kata-kata penyemangat di karya itu untuk menyemangati saudara-saudara kita yang sedang tertimpa bencana, biar harapan mereka yakin mereka ga sendirian itu salah satu cara untuk menjaga harapan mereka tetap hidup.
Untuk teman-teman yang ingin membantu dalam bentuk uang, silahkan langsung menyalurkan bantuannya melalui Palang Merah Indonesia Donasi Bencana Umum 1. Bank Mandiri KCP Jakarta Krakatau Steel, No.Rekening 070-00-0011601-7, atas nama Palang Merah Indonesia 2. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) KC Jakarta Pancoran, No.Rekening 0390-01-000030-3, atas nama Palang Merah Indonesia 3. Bank Central Asia (BCA) KCU Sudirman, No.Rekening 035.311223.3, atas nama Kantor Pusat PMI (Perhimpunan PMI)
Donasi Menggunakan Mata Uang Dollar Amerika (USD) Bank Mandiri KCP Jakarta Wisma Baja, No. Rekening: 070-00-0584905-9, Atas nama: Palang Merah Indonesia.
Humas PMI +62.21.7992325
E Mail :

Jika ada saran dan masukan atau masih ada hal-hal yang kurang jelas, bisa hubungi Tarlen di

Nov 3, 2010

save the date

woot woot??
sorry for not posting anything since nggggggg, since i make some stuff to sell :p

guess what??
*drum roll please*

Aug 6, 2010

1 year later

i abandoned u my blog for a year
sorry dear :)
i really2 not in the mood at all :(

the good news is......
i'll sell my handmade stuff
i named it Hayano Handmade 
hayano handmade is still in preparation...

hope u can't wait :)))

bye bloggies