May 31, 2011

thanks pepoloco

thanks pepoloco for this giveaway :))
i received this package about 1 week ago.. 

i received a 'cfd-bandung' shopping bag and also a very very cute skull brooch

look look look !!!

ohh thanks alot mia and ogi pepoloco

May 22, 2011

flowery necklace

ohh hii :))
well... few past day i feel i did more on sewing and forgoten my edu task.. soo bad

soo im sorry my poor and abandoned 'skrips*i*' :))
i'll be foccus on you again :))

hihihi maybe im a terrible student (ok i know that )

well.. stop complaining and writing some scrap in this blog :p

Bubye all :)
kiss for u :*

ps : heyy i've told u about my messy grammar right??
hihi... any critics are welcome :)

May 21, 2011

pumpin cushion

mini pumpkins pin cushion
ukurannya mini.. hanya segenggaman tangan.


May 16, 2011

camera case

camera box
my very first time make a camera case :))
hihihi the pict is same as my pouch giveaway :p
camera box

camera case

dslr box

camera box

May 14, 2011

slimmy p-case

pencil case handmade

pencil case handmade

uupss *2 previous blog post is use the same background as this post :p
sorry cause they taken in same time :p

well this pencil case called "slimmy pancil case" cause they're slim (of course)
hehehe i'm terrible to give a 'name'

* sorry for my super messy grammar :p

anyone want giveaway??

robo pouch

pencil case handmade

pencil case handmade

waaa...pouch seperti ini sebetulnya namanya robo pouch
tapi banyak yang sangsi sama namanya.. karena lebih mirip sama om-om daripada robot :p

soo namanya apa yaa??
robo pouch . om-om pouch??

happy weekend ya bloggies :)

May 11, 2011

maximus telups

teh celup

maximus telups.. hihihihihi
this pouch is bigger than the 'kantong teh celup'
customade request from mbak nina
thanks mbak :)))

teh celup

teh celup

May 9, 2011

Charger Pouch

crayon pouch

hii to you all :))
welcome for new followers.. so glad met you all *kiss

this poch i made for my friend hanina :))
she want crayon pouch with bowie on the other side
and this is the result

crayon pouch

crayon pouch

well, now the pouch it not same as u see above :p, she asked me to draw another pic on the pouch.. hihihi

versatile blogger award

yayyy... so glad this past few weeks i got some award
and this is the newest, got from mbak elvira from chez-vies .. many thanks mbak vira :))

i must tell 7things about my self and share this awards for 15blogs

7 things about myself
1. agree with mbak vira,, i mad about fabrics... i better buy some fabrics than clothes :p
2. i love gardening too :p (maybe i'm so ibuk-ibuk :p)
3. i have no talent at cooking.. at all. trust me
4. i still a student
5. i like red, purple, yellow, pink, turquoise.. haha, i like rainbow the most
6. i check my blog several times in a day... lol
7. i like saturday and sunday... its crafting days for me

and this award goes to 
1. belinda regina from myurbey
2. mbak sari from ammi&abi
3. kiki from kreasi-qq
4. amelia from amecraft
5. mbak hanny from pojok utak atik
6. teh intan from intaNote's
7-15 buat kamuu semuaaa ....yang follow blog ini :)) kiss

sorry for my messy grammar :p

May 2, 2011

share ur idea

ok this giveaway is from pepoloco
give ur idea to make bandung keep clean
cause we're LOVE BANDUNG
u'll win eco shopping bag from pepoloco

let's share ur idea
keep clean
go green