May 9, 2011

versatile blogger award

yayyy... so glad this past few weeks i got some award
and this is the newest, got from mbak elvira from chez-vies .. many thanks mbak vira :))

i must tell 7things about my self and share this awards for 15blogs

7 things about myself
1. agree with mbak vira,, i mad about fabrics... i better buy some fabrics than clothes :p
2. i love gardening too :p (maybe i'm so ibuk-ibuk :p)
3. i have no talent at cooking.. at all. trust me
4. i still a student
5. i like red, purple, yellow, pink, turquoise.. haha, i like rainbow the most
6. i check my blog several times in a day... lol
7. i like saturday and sunday... its crafting days for me

and this award goes to 
1. belinda regina from myurbey
2. mbak sari from ammi&abi
3. kiki from kreasi-qq
4. amelia from amecraft
5. mbak hanny from pojok utak atik
6. teh intan from intaNote's
7-15 buat kamuu semuaaa ....yang follow blog ini :)) kiss

sorry for my messy grammar :p


  1. hore hore horeee ... dpt awardddd :)

  2. hayuuk bel di lanjutin awarnya kalau berkenan :P


hii thanks for stop by here and i love to read the coments :)