Nov 21, 2012

tutorial: how to sew a zippered pouch

2 pieces of liner and outer fabric
2 pieces of foam (optional)
a zipper

1. Place 1 piece of foam, and outer fabric side up

 2. then place the zipper facing down

 3. and then the lining fabric side facing down. 

 4. sewing the top of the zipper

 5. then turning back, pin in and then sew along the top of the zipper.
you've got 1 side of the pouch

6. repeat the step, make the same sandwich fabrics : foam, outer fabric face up, and zippers that are connected to one side of the pouch

7. pin in and sew the top, then turning back again, and you get like the picture below

 8. Next. flip so that the outer fabrics are right sides together and the lining pieces are right sides together (with the zipper hidden in the middle). 

 9. Pin and sew around all edges leaving approximately a 7cm opening in the bottom of the lining. 
10. Trim your corners

11. Pull pouch right side out through the opening you left in the lining. TA-DA !!! yo almost done !! :)

and the last step : Pin the opening closed and  sew it with invisible stitch (i'll make the tutorial post later :))

its easy right ? 
so start to make your own zippered pouch :)
and i'm glad if yu share the result with me :)
just email me @

see you on the next tutorial post :))
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  1. hadoh,,, ga ngerti mba pake bahasa inggris :D

    tutornyya [pake indonesia aja dunk mba..

    kan aku suka indonesia ^^

  2. Waaaah,,, terimakasih mba tutorialnyaa. sangat membantu ^^

  3. Makasih tutorialnya Mba Enno :)

  4. nice inspiring blog :)



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