Aug 16, 2011

introduce danchoo

well if you wonder why this pics is soo great and different than my almost pics previously??
hihhi yepp u r right, this pics all taken by rynne,, so credits for her
(thanks rene :* )

yeaa introduce thiss doll ..

rene and her friend, eilien ask me to made this doll

and eilen told me about this doll
OHH korean wave
the dolls is tam-tam doll, which is dara 2NE1's doll

ughh excuse me if idk anything about 2NE1..hihihihi

well dara had tam tam
rene had ganchoo
eilien have ngggg i haven't ask her about the name
and me, me had TUYI (weird name?? ok i know :p)
AND YOU?????

ps: u can see tuyi pics on my previuos post :))

happy fasting day 14 days to go :*


  1. gak ada tangannya yah?? :(

  2. gak ada tangan ama matanya mbak...
    matanya ditambahin sendiri sama yg punya.. hihihihih


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