Mar 14, 2013

Statement Pillow Character

its about Statement Pillow
yess statement Pillow is hayano handmade's signature stuff
and also the character

I only gave the name of his character with the code, such as 1, 2 or 3
its rather difficult to remember :p

so i want to give a name to each character :)
you can see the clue about their name above

and i will introduce them to you officially SOON

and there are suggestions of what the character should be?
and who's your favorite?



  1. Aku suka "Fiza" mb Enno..imutt
    Oh ya,aku bisa pesan bantal karakter ga mba? Utk keluarga adikku

    1. hihihi kuncir kudanya bikin imut ya mbak :) hihi
      bisa mbak citraa :)


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