Oct 18, 2012

roby pouch

measurements : +- 19x13 cm
available 6 pcs

~~ the story of roby pouch ~~

first time i made roby at nov 2010 , means 2 years ago hihihi , when i launched hayano handmade :p
i named it robotic pouch because i have no idea this pouch is about :p .. I think that the robot has a obvious shape
so I call it robotic , well Short thoughts :p

time by time my robotic pouch is being  transformed
I replace the teeth with a mustache
so my friend izyan says it's om-om pouch #because it mustachioed . LOL

and I think to change the name of robotic into roby :)
sound more simple right? :)
and I think now 'roby pouch' is more and more cute from previous versions :))
~~ end of story ~~
hihihi welcome roby

robotic p-case - NOV 23, 2010

robo pouch - MAY 14, 2011

robotic pouch - JUN 14, 2012

and for more inquiries, order please contact 08989798014 26D68E8C @retnoandriani @hayanohandmade hayanohandmade@gmail.com


  1. Lucunya ,,,berapa harga satunya mba?

  2. silahkan di cek di fb kita mbak :))

  3. roby -_- semakin menunjukkan kalau dia om-om :p

  4. Kasi sama om-om pouch nama baru Roby hehe ^_^ cute bangat

  5. mamamamam
    masa harus gue kasih nama om-om pouch sihh -__- :p

    yan : hahahahaha ia si om roby ini berganti2 nama teruss yah yan :p


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