Jun 13, 2012

5th indonesian crafter gathering + nirmana award

itsaa late post
now it's mid of june and i just post a gathering in last may :p
but its okay..

its our routine gathering held once a month
this gathering held in fx sudirman :)
and we learn to make oshibana was taught by mbak sri alderina
we were sooo excited, cause we never make it before :)

andd im come late 2 hours later -----____------ hihihi
soo my oshibana creationis all of a sudden , just cut the flower and leaf , glued, the taraaaa done :p

ps : photos from mbak wildasari hoste , so credits for her :), thanks mbak wilda :*

this the result :)
cute right?
mine? its the second from the right

 cutie nafnaf :)

the gathering is coincided with nirmana award event
and indonesian crafter had a booth in nirmana award community to introduced to the public about us :)

this is indonesian crafter's booth on nirmana award fx sudirman

 mbak indah mochie2 felt - teh mega dewi - mbak windhy jumba jamba - mbak chessie - mbak rina oshibana - me - mbak nuning bbc

and this the pict when mbak chessie and mbak indah present about indonesian crafter in nirmana award :)

heartbeat :p

indonesian crafter had a mini workshop sponsored by mochie - mochie felt
the workshop 'matryoshka keychains' was attract a lot of people and other community to participate in this workshop
until we run out of places  :p 

what a day :)
soo happy :)

andd the last pict - mbak ina from inaku
love the pict :)

sorry for many grammar errors as always :p
for questions, order: 08989798014 26D68E8C @retnoandriani @hayanohandmade hayanohandmade@gmail.com


  1. Seru banget deh mba.
    Kapan-kapan klo ada lagi boleh ikutan ga mba??

  2. hehehehe sebernya workshop terbuka buat siapa saja yang mau ikutan belajar menjahit atau seru2an kumpul bareng mbak :))

  3. Seru banget deh mba. Kapan-kapan klo ada lagi boleh ikutan ga mba??


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