Mar 23, 2012

hi you {blog} welcome back

well... haloo haloo
short story ,couple days ago my blog is deactive because my birthdate is not valid 
:( soo i can't access my blog also my email :(( huhuhu

well some of my super-nice-'online'-friends send me a message that she can't access my blog .. 
thank you for remind me about this case, so i can solve ASAP :)
and many thanks to all of you who help me sooo much to solve this problem
thanks to mbak citra innocentia, teh intan intanotes, mbak indah mochie2felt, mbak she she, mbak chessie,  and you you you who cares about this blog... thank you so much

and i miss my blog so much... :**
and so many photos to post :)

just wait
keep calm
and see :)



  1. hai mba enoooo,,, welcome back for your lovely blog.. :)

    pastinya deg2an dehhh,, resah2 gimana gitu kalo blog kita ga balik2... :)

    hehee... oke selamat ya atas kembalinya blog mba eno.. :)

    asyik bisa blog walking lagi ke 'rumah'nya mba enoo... :)

    <3 dessy (she's she)

  2. welcome back to blogger world :)

  3. mbak she she : makasihh yaa orang pertama yang kasih tau aku blogku hilang jadi bisa cpt di follow up ..makasih banyak ya mbak :)

    syifa : yeaay miss this blog so mucho :)
    thanks yaa


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