Feb 5, 2011

An Award

a stylish blogger award from shoe , thanks dear for gave me this award :DDD
The rule is that you're supposed to list seven things about yourself and pass the award on to seven other bloggers, so here goes:

1. i love red and toscha

2. i love read your comment(s) 

3. seriously, i can't ride a motorcycle, it makes me want a BIKE (dad,please buy me one :DDD )

4. miss my jhs moment soo much

5. just judge me u want :p

6. i heart thrifting, yess its like a treasure HAHAHA

7. i HATE doing something under pressure

and i'll give this award to
who follow me, who read this post, who comment on this post. u all :)

once again, Thanks Shoe ... kishug


  1. hai....and you love me... :)))

  2. i follow your blog!
    nginspirasi banget... :)


hii thanks for stop by here and i love to read the coments :)